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People keep the Premium Survival Kit in their car in case of emergencies


People have tested the Premium Survival Kit in the wilderness


People bought a survival kit for their friends and family to keep them safe


People say they feel safer in the outdoors with a survival kit

$39.99 $79.99

Twelve essential survival tools packed into a strong waterproof case. Over 2,000 people go missing in the woods every year. Although nothing in life is certain, we guarantee you'll have a better chance of making it home to your loved ones if you pack the Premium Survival Kit™. 

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Everything You Need To Survive In One Kit

Upgraded Tactical Knife

No survival kit is complete without a sturdy, razor sharp survival knife. With a keen edge and comfortable grip, it's been manufactured to keep you alive in the outdoors. 

Flint and Steel Fire Starter

Start a fire - anywhere, anytime.

Adventure Awaits. Be ready For it. 

Find Your Way. Even In The Dark.

Our fluorescent compass was designed to keep you alive in any situation, whether it's night or day.

Powerful Flashlight

Ultra bright, compact held flashlight with zoomable design.

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Join our efforts to preserve endangered bird species

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Our planet is in the midst of a staggering crisis. 

hundreds of bird species are at risk of extinction. 

We DOnate 10% of our profits to the american bird conservancy. 

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